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Welcome to the official website of Britain's longest, toughest, non-stop running race. The Grand Union Canal Race (GUCR) is run from the centre of Birmingham to the centre of London along the Grand Union Canal. Competitors are required to complete the 145 mile distance within the time limit of 45 hours.

This website should provide you with all the information you require on the race including entry details, results, route details, stories and advice from previous competitors, photos and much more.

Latest News

22/04/2014 - Sorry to all inconvenienced by bogus email.
For those who might be concerned, I am only into turkey at Christmas. Do not respond to emails asking for money, they are all bogus. In any case - I've got loads!!! BT have sorted things now, so we should be back to "normal" Wednesday. 04/02/2014 - Confirmation of fee payment delayed.
Thank you to all those who have paid their race fee or contacted me to explain the delay. I had hoped to confirm receipt of fees by emailing route maps to entrants at the end of January. Unfortunately the number of unpaid fees would make for a lot of adjustments to email lists so I am delaying sending the maps until at least 7/2/14. Those who have not paid have been sent a reminder. If you have not received the reminder it is safe to assume that I have recorded you payment. 18/01/2014 - Email sent to all entrants.
An email, requesting fee payment has been sent to all entrants. If you are on the entry list and have not received the email, please contact Dick.

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